Masoor dal -200gms | Rajma – 100gms | Fresh peas -50gms | Onions – 100gms | Capsicum – 30gms | Tomatoes -100gms |  Tamarind – 20gms | Pulao rice -500gms | Turmeric powder – 2gms | Sambar masala -50gms | Salt – to taste | Curry leave -15gms | Coriander leaves -15gms | Cashew nuts -30gms | Ghee -5ml



Cook dal with turmeric till soft – Soak the rajma over night and cook till tender – Add the tamarind pulp and sambar masala into the cooked dal along with the cooked rajma and salt to taste – Add diced onion, peas and washed and soaked rice to the dal . – Cover and cook on a slow fire till the rice is tender and all water has been absorbed – Heat a little ghee, fry cashew nuts and set aside. Fry diced capsicum and tomatoes. Add curry leaves and fry. – Mix the prepared rice – Serve hot garnished with cashew nuts and chopped coriander leaves.

Fabeena Mansoor

House wife. passionate in cooking.Taking cooking classes and participate in cooking competitions. To explore my cooking ability just Begin with youtube channel fabins kitchen with the love and support of my friends and family

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