The famous tribal festival of Arunachal Pradesh – The Tawang Festival

Who wants to get lost in a beautiful town with mountains, waterfalls, greenery, lakes, etc. It’s like a heaven on the earth. Then let’s go Tawang this season, a small hill station at Arunachal Pradesh.

This season will give you a bonus! We can enjoy the tribal festival there!
Tawang Hill Station is home to many tribes. The Tawang Festival is a three-day festival with a variety of traditional activities and events. The main tribal community is Montpas. The hill station tribes welcome tourists with humble respect and greetings in their culture.

Photo Courtesy Nayan Deka

This three-day festival is celebrated every year by the Arunachal Pradesh Tourism Department, in this year its from 29th October to 31st October. Tawang festival processions begin with a religious tradition known as “Sebang”. This means that the monks in the town of Tawang are moving from Tawang Math to the festival of rallies.

The main attractions and events of the Dance of Yak. The festival is rich with various dances and traditional rituals, traditional monastic dances, street performances, traditional parades, Buddhist ceremonies, and aji-lamu dances.

In addition to the festivities, the city also attracts tourists to the festival, enjoying the peace of the city. During the festivities, the view of the city is very attractive, and the celebratory prayer flags, hanging out and the action on the streets can be very appealing. In a beautiful and tranquil town, the festival looks so beautiful and delightful with celebrations.

Popular attractions of this beautiful Tawang town to be seen are Bumla Pass, Sela Pass, Gorichen Peak, Madhuri Lake, Nuranang Falls, P.T.Tso Lake, Tawang monastery, Jang Waterfalls

Overall, the beautiful hill station of Arunachal Pradesh during the Tawang Festival is filled with joy and prosperity.

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