Story of Espresso

story of espresso

The Place was Italy

Espresso coffee was born in Italy, in late 1800. Coffee is a bridge to unite people

The age of steam

It was the era of steam engines, the world was blooming, the age of steam, why can’t we make coffee from steam?


Made by machine

Men wanted a fast machine to deliver their coffee. Preferably a steam machine. Espresso is all about the machine


The GUY - Angelo Moriondo

In Turin, Italy, in 1884, a patent was granted for a steam-powered machine that would produce coffee

The Word - Espresso

Alfredo Panzini, a writer from Senigallia, Italy published the first dictionary to include the word espresso meant coffee.


The spot was ‘starbucks’

even though they didn’t invent it they popularised it with innovations..

This Coffee is love

because of its iconic brewing and intense taste

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